Possible Hub connection bug when changing Internet connection

Hi All,

I don’t post much, but I think I uncovered a bug in the sense hub and was wondering what is the best way to report? Up until recently did not have a stable enough environment to isolate the issue, but I completed some home upgrades and I think this issue is now isolated and caused by the hub.

My Hub is currently on a UPS, so very stable power and on Ethernet, very stable LAN. Since Wyze has no cellular failover, I installed a cellular failover system at the router level that will switch my house to cellular internet, and switch back when primary Internet is restored. What I’m seeing is the switch over often causes my Hub to stay offline and the only fix is to re-add it. Even though the rest of my house switches over just fine and even when primary internet is restored the sense hub stays off line. Right now I’m on travel and my Hub is offline for this very reason. I think this is a repeatable bug. Has anyone experienced anything like this? How should I report this as a bug?

I’ll just tag some @Mods for some :eyes:

But in the meantime @tt55du can you grab a log from your Wyze app and post the log number here?

Do ya think. I had to reset everything after the outage and my system is UPS protected.

Unfortunately a UPS won’t assist much in a server/host outage.

Seems to be issues with the Hub losing connection back to “home”. Whether that is an internet outage from a carrier or a host outage from the Wyze service.

The Hub also has a built in battery, which has lasted at least 12 hours when I was purposely trying to drain the hub battery after a FW mishap.

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Thanks for Tagging the Mods, I’m not sure how to grab the log from the Wyze app and get the log number. This is what I did, I hope it’s right.

I go to account ->Submit a Log ->Wyze Sense Hub ->Connectivity Issues-> Typed a short description and got this Log ID:1407760

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Not Sure what R. Good’s issue is, but greymoment is correct. I only mentioned I had it on a UPS as detail to show it’s in a very stable environment. I think my issue is not because there’s an internet outage since in the past my Hub connectivity would return when internet was restored when I had no internet failover. My issue is that when I lose internet, it switches ISPs to cellular and my Hub gets a new external IP address causing it to go offline. Even when the internet is restored with the primary internet and presumably the original external IP, the hub stays off line. Even a long press reboot of of the reset button does not work. I have to re-add it as a new device for the hub to show online again. Unfortunately I can’t do it when I’m not home

That’s it. Thank you.

Another anomaly last night. My Hub is offline still from the above scenario and I’m out of state. My wife does not have the app, but I do and she is at home. All wyze security hub and sensors show offline in my app, but when she arms the alarm via keypad, I get the notification on my phone out of state. SO even though it shows offline, it has limited communication to send me a push notification.

So I get home to get the hub back online and my faulty memory thought I wired it to Ethernet and that was not the case., it’s still on WiFi . Not sure it matters for my failure case, but I plug the Ethernet in and I re-added the hub in place with all sensors. It’s showing online now, so I’ll just wait or force some failovers on my own to test…