Monitoring system down

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I am getting very angry with this monitoring system! I come home today and nothing is connected, I can reconnect my hub, sensors, motion or keypad. This is not good at all. Will waze cover if my house is broken into? This is not worth it if I can’t protect my family.

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A couple of questions:

How is the hub connected to your network router?

Did you get a push notification from the app that your hub was offline?

What firmware version is running on the hub?

How reliable is your ISP? Good speeds?

Do you experience any offline issues with any other network devices?


Just so you know, mine has been especially reliable since I installed it few months ago. Not a single issue like this.

On possibility to consider is your router. If it’s old, you should consider getting a recent one - maybe the Wyze one.

As a side note, I had tons of issues with my heatpump units that kept disconnecting two years ago. Everything else was working fine - oven, washing machine, dryer and all other connected devices. When I changed router, they started working fine - and continued since.
Don’t eliminate the possibility that it can be the router.

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I also have found my hub off-line a few times and usually I can easily get it back online. But today the hub was off line and would not connect to my router (ethernet). I checked that the router connected fine to other components. So I deleted the hub to set it back up. The hub initially connected to the router, or at least the setup indicated that the hub was installed but then no sensors would connect to the hub. So now my home monitoring system is down. Any suggestions?

I think I read somewhere else in the forum that pressing the reset button on the hub and adding it back gives less grief than deleting it.
Since I never encountered your issue, I can’t think of anything worthy except trying the reset button.