Discovered an Entry sensor V2 problem I didn't realize was happening that was a security issue. (fixed, but just a heads up)

My problem is solved, but I wanted to mention it as a heads up in case someone may have an issue and aren’t aware.

This is unfortunately a long post to explain, but important since it affected security.

I rarely ever interact with my V2 Entry sensors in the Wyze app, but today while exploring the app, I noticed one of my Entry Sensors was marked closed, which it was, but closed since some date in September! …After seeing that, I opened and closed the door and the light on the sensor worked, but the status never changed in the Wyze app.

I keep Sensor notifications off in the Wyze app or my phone would be constantly telling me all day every day when one of us opens a door which is often. This is another reason I didn’t notice the problem.

Keep in mind that the main page of the Wyze app with the device list didn’t show the sensors as offline, or indicate any sort of problem, so again, I never noticed.

Alexa, which I use for routines also didn’t show the sensors offline. I don’t use those particular sensors in a routine, but they showed online in the Alexa device list.

Checked the settings for the sensor in the Wyze App and all was marked as normal (battery, signal, etc)

I then checked Home monitoring and the sensors were listed as active, but failed to trigger an alarm when opened while the system was armed “Away”

First thing I tried was deleting and readding the sensors. They deleted and re-added to the Home Monitoring Hub just fine, but still failed to change status in the app when opened and closed or trigger an alarm.

Weird right!

Anyway, in order to make everything work again, I had to delete and re-add the hub itself. Once I did that, all the sensors disappeared, so I had to re-add all the sensors and keypad again and everything worked fine again, the sensors status in the Wyze app updated normally, and it could again trigger the hub when armed.

Home monitoring even remembered the arm/disarm history and assigned cameras after adding the hub again which was nice.

Tha bad part, aside from all the work involved, was that for over 2 months, I was unaware the sensors wouldn’t trigger a home monitoring alarm since they appeared fine except for the status change date which I had no reason to look at.

All I can think of was that it was around that time in September, after a hub firmware update maybe, that I posted here that my keypad stopped making sound, even though it would still arm/disarm the system. However just deleting and re-adding the keypad fixed that problem at the time. That didn’t work this time for the sensors and took readding the hub and everything else.

This may have zero to do with your issue but I have also noticed that if the hub goes on battery it does not necessarily (more often it doesn’t) update the app when the power goes back on. I.e. when the hub is unplugged or loses power the voice says running on battery. When you plug it back in or it gets power again nobody says power restored and several times the app continues to say the hub is running on battery when it’s not. It will show the hub battery at 100% so no duh it must have power but the app doesn’t update until I unplug it for a minute and plug it back in. This is a repeatable situation not a fluke.