Entry sensor

Installed entry sensor v2 successfully but it’s still shows as open irrespective of whether the door is closed or not

Any help would be appreciated


Couple of questions:

  1. What Device are you using: iOS or Android. Please provide the version as well
  2. What is your Firmware version of the Wyze Sense Hub v2
  3. What is the Firmware version of the sensor

Here are a few things to check or try

  • How far apart is thr magnet to the sensor?
  • take the v2 sensor and remove the battery, wait for about 30 seconds, then put the battery back in and see if that clears it up.
  • Replace the batteries, mine did that until I replaced the battery.
  • Consider remving the sensor from the app and the pair it again.

Few things to try.

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thanks for the response
Changed the battery but still no luck & did the set up again

It goes in open status as soon as set up complete even the door is closed

Not sure what else to

Wyze hub version which the latest version


Probably a stupid question, on the Entry sensors, but are you sure the magnet is on the correct side of the Sensor so it functions as it should. If it is on the wrong side, it would bit indicate the door was closed. If you have an extra Magnet, any magnet should do, I would run it around the sensor just to see when the light on it blinks indicating closed or open and then see if the status changes in the app.

BTW: We have the same version of the Hub and Sensor Firmware version. However, your Plugin Version of is different than mine. I have Probably because I signed up to be a beta tester of the Firmware and app.

@carverofchoice @R.Good @Newshound

Do you all have any other suggestions which @saravanar can try. It almost sounds like the magnet is on the opposite side from where it should be, you can see, in this post, I am asking for them to try a magnet on the opposite side or move it around and see if the light blinks.

Very well could be after the above troubleshooting steps.

The sides with like lines should be matched up, (As shown below).

The side with the button will not register the magnet at all.

It’s actually the battery that the magnet is attracted to.

NERD ALERT: I dissected a V2 sensor to see if there was some sort of lever in there… Was think that maybe if you gave the sensor a rap ( and no not busting a rhyme, but a tap) it would unlock something. Not the case… I’ll post the dissection pics in another thread for those interested.


@saravanar , can you post a few pictures of the sensor mounted?


This really helped and I did wrong the way

Thank you !


I did the magnet wrong way and thanks for checking

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Appreciate the update. Glad it was an easy fix

Please see the pictures and now sensor hub is not powering up


Thanks for your help and not sure what is going on ?

My sensor hub stopped working any idea?



The one on the sliding Door, I would put the magnet on the frame similar to where it is now. The Sensor I would put it on the door itself. Thereby alogning the Magnet and sensor at the same level,

Is your Door Sensor not working?

Sure will do .Thanks