Wyze sense reversed status

One of my v1 wyze sense contact sensors has recently started saying it is open when it is closed, and closed when it is open. After about an hour of the door that it is attached to being closed, it finally realizes that it is closed, so I can’t just reverse the “turn on the light” rule that it fires when it is open.

So far I’ve tried: replacing the battery, resetting the switch and re-adding it, and de-soldering the reed switch and soldering a new reed switch in. None of these have caused the switch to start working properly again, where it says it is open when the magnet is away, and it says it is closed when the magnet is close.

Normally I would just buy a new one, but as they are discontinued, and the new sensor is way too big to fit in the location this switch is in, it looks like there is no solution. Does anyone else have any ideas? I don’t see a discrete transistor that could have gone bad on the board, it could perhaps be a bad capacitor, but with this chip’s known instability with power levels, I don’t feel that my normal test for a bad ceramic cap would be a good idea here (hook up to a high current power supply and see what gets hot).