Invert Standard Logic of Wyze Contact Sensor

I have a sliding door where it is impossible for me to get sensor to make contact with both ends while door is closed. Standard logic for Wyze sensor is: when both ends make contact, Wyze sensor shows “Closed”, and when both ends are apart (not making contact), Wyze sensor shows “Open”.

It would be convenient if within the app we could invert this logic with a toggle to have the inverse: when both ends make contact, Wyze sensor shows “Open” and when both ends are apart (not making contact), Wyze sensor shows “Closed”.

This would entirely solve my sliding door problem with a simple toggle, a problem I’m sure I’m not the only one that has come across. C’mon Wyze App Devs!


You might want to post a photo of the sliding door situation here. There may be some users who have come up with clever solutions for seemingly impossible mounting configurations.

Thanks Loki! I took your advice and uploaded a photo. Hopefully this can be added.

The problem with reversing the logic… Closed is closed… is one position. Open can have multiple positions. If you slide the door open 1 foot, the door is now open, but would the contact sensor make contact to see it as open? What about half way open? Now all the way? I can have multiple “Open” positions, so where does the sensor go to make contact for all these positions?

Now, back the original issue. I’m can’t quite tell from you picture what the issue is. I’m assuming it’s because one piece would go on the track or frame for the door, and be slightly raised out, not making contact with the part on the door itself? Is that right?

Hi Aaron, the issue is that anywhere I put one side of the contact on the sliding door itself, it hits against some part of either the frame, the other door, or the door itself. The only viable way to reliable put the small contact on the door (can’t put the large contact on the door because it will come off any which way I put it) on the small sliver of the door that does not hit anywhere against the other door or the frame. Putting it there, I would need to have it in the afformentioned configuration because I cannot install the large contact next to the small contact when the door is closed.

I do not own the Wyze Contact sensor but am assuming it works like any other contact sensors: one side has a “reed switch” and the other has a magnet. The magnet (probably on the smaller piece of the Wyze Contact Sensor) will open/close the reed switch (a small electrical piece that is sensitive to magnetic fields) on the other part, which in turn triggers it to send a signal.

If that is the case, any magnet can do that job - can you experiment with other magnets and see if they can be mounted to your door?


That sounds a little experimental and wonky. I am trying to not screw up my sensor so I don’t want to get experimental. In my case I really think a simple software option to invert logic would be the best solution. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue.

You’re 100% right. I have a small flat rare earth magnet that came off of some phone packaging, and it triggers the contact sensor perfectly fine.


You can use any rare earth magnet and it will work fine and not damage the sensor. Replace the smaller part of the unit with the magnet per @None’s and @relzoots’ suggestions.

I also agree with @AaronR… the problem with reverse sensing is that if the door doesn’t get ALL the way open, you won’t know that it’s partially opened.

Here’s what I’d do… install whichever part of the sensor works on the left edge of the door and the other part to the frame on the left side. Then place a piece of wooden dowel or similar in the track, just long enough to stop the door from opening ALL the way to where it knocks off the sensor piece that’s attached to the door. The very small amount of travel you lose (maybe an inch) shouldn’t really affect usability of the door.

Would it be possible to have the option to trigger video recoding when contact sensor is close? Thank you.

I agree with the software/firmware update to allow for N.O. (Normally Open) and N.C. (Normally Closed) operations. I would love to set a Wyze Sensor hanging on a rope in the garage, and place a magnet on top of my vehicle, so that every time I enter the garage, and the magnet touches the sensor, a Wyze Bulb turns on, and I know where & when to stop perfectly EVERY TIME. 1st world problems (small garage/big SUV).

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I totally agree on software reverse logic. I’m trying to use on chain lock on front door. Only way I can get a consistent sense is when the chain is hanging straight down (not locked). Shows open when chain lock is on. While your at it why not let us choose what display says, rather than just open or closed.

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Absolutely agree. This is a much required

Psssst, everyone posting in here wanting this feature, don’t forget to vote at the top-left of the topic. :slight_smile:

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I have a roller garage door and due to the way it is designed inverting the logic within the app would make my life easier! Seems like a pretty simple feature, please add!

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Yes! Please make the notification completely editable! I have to remind myself that “open” is closed and “closed” is open for my garage door installation.

Sensor indication

I have a sensor on our garage door. When the door is down (closed), the sensor is open and the app reads, “open.” When the door is open (up), the sensor closes, and the app reads, “closed.” I’d like to be able to tell the app to say “open” when the door is open and “closed” when the door is closed–the opposite of what the sensor says.

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Can you change where the sensor is located? So when the door is down/closed the sensor is also closed? And when the door is open, the sensor is open?

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If I understand your post correctly, you have your sensors mounted so that the contacts are separated physically when the door closes and come together when it opens.
Rather than wait on Wyze to program a change an alternative fix would be to reverse the physical mounting of the sensors, so that they separate when the door opens and come together when it closes.