Door sensor - open-close is backwards

I have 3 door sensors. Two of them work fine. The third one says open when it’s closed and closed when open. This is probably an easy fix, but I can’t figure it out.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, there might be a magnetic polarity issue with the small magnet contact. Try flipping that 180° first. There are indentation lines on the sensor and the magnet that show which side of the magnet needs to be closest to the sensor.

Then you can try deleting the sensor and readding it while it is in the closed position if that doesn’t work.


Thank you, turned it 180 and it worked. Didn’t realize you could use both ends.

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Would be nice if wyze app had the option to swap open/closed for all those poor folks that installed the magnet the wrong way and now have to pull them off and tape them back up again. Seems like it would be an easy enough thing to add in the software.

I would prefer they just keep it a static setting. One less thing to have to worry about setting in the app and having it accidentally get toggled the wrong way and setting off the alarm. If the sensor gets moved or removed for painting and such, I also don’t have to worry about how I set it in the app. With several dozen sensors in play, I want all of them to work the same way.

Still having a problem with this sensor. I have disabled it and restored it a few times. It keeps telling me it’s open no matter what I do. When I close it, it says closed and then it switches to open. No matter what I do I can’t get it to say closed.

Make sure the line on the magnet is lined up w\ the line on the sensor and that there isn’t too much of a gap in between. Also make sure the door or window isn’t moving either piece after closed.

You may also be dealing w\ a wonky magnet that has a polarity issue.

If you can, swap out the magnet w\ a known good one and see if the sensor likes that one. If it does, the magnet is the wonky bit. If it doesn’t, change the battery in the sensor and do a factory reset and reinstall. If it still fails, the sensor is wonky.

Either way, wonky = warranty return thru Customer Service.

I had that issue with several of mine, then there was a firmware update and voila no more issue. I did have to rip a couple out and reinstall with them in the closed position on the door.