Wize App Thinks Two Doors Are Open And Won't Operate the System

We had two patio doors open all day yesterday because it was nice outside. Now the Wize app thinks they’re still open and refuses to arm or disarm the system. However, the keypad works normally and operates the system just fine. I can open and close the doors and the Hub still dings normally each time they open. So, the sensors and the Hub seem to be working properly. The app is just borked. The app is not working on both my Android phone and my wife’s iPhone. Thoughts? Am I going to need to “forget” the sensors and readd them? Thanks!

@adamjhilton This worked for me:

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I’ll give this a try when I get home.

Readding the Hub did not work. The two door sensors remained open.

I ended up removing one of the sensors from the app. This caused the other sensor to un-FUBAR itself and we was able to control the system through our apps again. So, this was the solution. Annoying, but simple enough.