Service Advisory - 4/15/2024

@WyzeJasonJ, all of my cameras, lights, switches and locks are back online and working.

However, even though the Wyze Sense Hub and all my sensors show online, NONE of them are working. I have verified that the sensors are working, based on the red status indicator on each sensor. But the Hub does not seem to be accepting the sensor status change. This is happening for both the V1 and V2 sensors.

Any thoughts? I really don’t want ro delete and set up all of those sensors again.

UPDATE: I just tried adding new sensors, a V1 and a V2. The hub is not detecting them. I am within 6 feet of the hub.

Sensor Hub Issue RESOLVED: I re-added my Wyze Sensor Hub to the app (but did NOT delete it first) and now all my V1 & V2 sensors are working properly. :smile: But my original V2 camera from July, 2018 is not coming back online. RIP little guy, you had a nice run!