Wyze Sense Should Support Multiple Hubs For Better Range and Coverage (Sell additional sense hubs)

I have a Wyze Sense v2 system and hub but I have a few sensors at extreme ranges like a garage and mailbox.

I’d like to be able to have multiple Wyze Sense Hubs as part of a single home security system.

According to the reddit AMA this is apparently possible:

Each hub can support up to 100 sensors. We are working on a system builder to help guide people. The range between the hub and sensors is about 500 ft / 152 m. If your detached garage is within that range, you should be good. Otherwise you would need another hub.

However I don’t see a way to purchase an extra hub.

From my android app’s home screen if I click “+” then “add device” then “Sensors” there is a “Wyze Sense Hub” option.

Is it really possible to add a second hub to my Wyze Sense home security system? Has anyone done this? How can I order a second Hub device?

Edit: I called support today and they said it is not possible, so I’m more confused now with the conflicting information from the reddit AMA

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There should be a way to buy a second base station by itself? Or multiple. Reason for me asking is my base station is located in my living room so if someone breaks in or the alarm goes off, I’m not able to hear it when I’m upstairs asleep. This happened the other day when I was asleep and the basement door opened due to it no being fully closed. I did not hear the alarm and noonlight was dispatched. It would be nice if there was a small base station that could connect to my system so I can put it in my room to hear with the alarm is being triggered. Thanks,

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@axrxp Welcome to the Wyze community!

I believe you are referring to the home monitoring “sense hub” and not the base station correct?

The base station connects to the Wyze outdoor cams and not the HM alarm system. :wink:

So, can we use multiple hubs?

I live in a large house with a second floor.
I would like to be able to use multiple hubs so I can hear the sensor chime and the alarm when on the second floor. Or develop a remote speaker to provide the same.

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I was just looking into this. I was hoping to use them as extenders as well. I would like to install something in my detached garage.

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Not at this time.

Multiple Wyze Hubs

Can 1 or more Wyze Sense Hub be used as an extension in other areas of the home as an extension to the first hub?

I don’t believe they will act as an extender. But you can have multiple hubs and pair different sensors to different hubs and have them function for you. But I don’t believe to will extend HMS.

@R.Good , you have multiple hubs, am 8 correct in this?


You are correct, they do not extend to the HMS system. The HMS only recognizes 1 Wyze Sense Hub.


Unfortunately not.

Wyze app to manage more than one Sense Hub

I have recently installed my second Wyze Sense Hub on my account. It’s located in my second home. It contains several sensors. The installation worked great, the sensors installed correctly to the second hub. However, on the app’s Monitoring tab, I can only see one Sense Hub – the first one that I installed some weeks ago. I cannot switch the Monitoring tab to the second hub. So I can’t see its monitoring events.

Can we get the app to manage and monitor more than one Hub?

Were you able to get access to both hubs without a second account?

You can access both Wyze Sense Hubs from one Wyze account in the Device list. But only one Wyze sense hub can be associated to the Wyze Home Monitoring Service per account.


Wyze Sense Hub Extender

Create something that allows extending the Sense Hub signal (similar to wifi extender). Would enable using single sense hub and be able to connect sensors that are further away (in crawl space and multiple floors from wired sense hub). Could be a sense hub child.

I don’t understand why you can’t pair another hub. It is not like they don’t already talk to the system. It is not that hard to do.
I have the same problem except my problem is I cannot hear the base when upstairs.

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Yes please!!!

I would love it if we could be able to merge multiple sense hubs and have them all under 1 home monitoring account.

This would be beneficial for houses with multiple floors.

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I so agree. Been asking for 3 years.

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I finally gave up on the Wyze sensors. I’m using products by a different vendor which gives me multiple speaker hubs (for voice alerts), SMS and email notifications, long distance between the sensors and hub (1/4 mile) plus much more. I got tired of waiting for Wyze to do ANYTHING to make the sensors more usable. I’m getting functionality from IFTTT to mix and match sensors. Can even accomplish many things with Alexa that you can’t do with just Wyze.

Just bought the items for Wyze monitor system and find some challenges. Our property is a little bit large, We have the house a barn at 100ft away from the house, a shed at 150ft away from the house and I would like to monitors those as well. Surprisingly, the sensors or the hub are not power enough to reach those locations. As an example, the sensor for a door located at 100ft away from the hub can’t communicate with the hub. A solution will be if a repeater can be installed in proximity, but I see Wyze doesn’t have something like that. Can that be developed?

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