Home with nearby office

I have a home with an office that’s about 400 ft away, they say the range is 500 ft without walls, the house has multiple walls as well as the office, so I’m quite certain I’ll be out of range for some of the sensors that are needed. I’m trying to figure out if I can use WYZE Sense v2 for this application. In a perfect world, I’d have one hub and two keypads to disarm the system from either location, this would require a range extender… I can’t find any mention of an extender for v2. Alternatively, I could use two separate hubs, but it seems like you can’t have 2 hubs/locations on one account… Is that accurate, as of June 2021?

One hub, one location. Distance is listed at 500 ft. but would take that with a grain of salt without testing. There is no range extender for this since it doesn’t use wifi for the sensors and keypad. Your only alternative right now is two starter kits (hub, sensors, keypad, etc.) and two Wyze accounts…not optimal.

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Glad to provide info. I know that many have requested the ability to have multiple hubs/multiple locations but have no idea when or if it will happen. Search the wish list category and you’ll find the post, then vote for it.

Sensors? Take a look at the products made by Yosmart.com The products are found under the name Yolink. Range is 1,000 feet to 1/4 mile.