Door sensors without Hub?

I want to use the new door sensors to turn my Wyze light socket on/off. I have asked Wyze if I need the hub and they never answered. They told me how to set it up in the app (I know how to do this) but never told me if the hub itself is required.
Is the hub required to use the V2 entry sensors?
If yes, what is the range? I want 1 of the sensors to be located about 50’ from where the hub is likely to be located.

The Wyze Sense Sensors V2 (Contact, Motion, Climate, Leak) all must have the Wyze Sense Hub to operate. The sensors are not WIfi, they are RF, so they have to communicate with the Hub which is connected to the WiFi & Internet.

Because the sensors are low frequency RF, they travel much farther than WiFi. They are advertised to travel up to 500ft in an unobstructed path. I have several well over your 50ft requirement traveling thru several exterior walls.

All that being said, it has been historically difficult to get the Hub from Wyze without also purchasing a Home Monitoring Subscription.

EDIT: It looks like Wyze has just recently started to sell the Hub as a stand alone unit. Get it now while they last!