What is the range of the Wyze Sense Hub and sensors?

I am considering purchasing the Wyze Sense Hub and some extra sensors, but first I need to know the range of the Hub and/or sensors to know whether or not I will be able to place it where I want. I need to place it at one corner of my house and still be able to connect to a motion sensor at the other end of the house, as well as reach some sensors which will be in my backyard shed. Does anybody know the range of the Hub and/or sensors?

Another question I have is whether or not the motion sensor and climate sensor can be set up to trigger an IFTTT event.

Per the spec sheet 500ft
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I have a leak sensor and a climate sensor about 250 ft from the Wyze Sense Hub. The sensors are outside on my patio inside the working end of the base of a hot tub and have no connection issues.

I have motion sensors all over in a 3 level 6k sq ft house and have had no connection issues with the V2 motion sensors or the V1 motion sensors (that still work) connecting to the Wyze Sense Hub.

I am sorry I have no reference for this. I primarily use Alexa outside of Wyze.


I have door and motion sensors in my shop. The shop is 100’ from the house… Couple walls and probably 150’ total. I’ve had no issues.