Large home coverage with wyze sense base

I have a large and spread out home with over 5,400 sqr feet. How can I get good coverage for all the wyzer sensors with just one wyze sense base?

Hello @chuckcr

My home is 6k sq feet, 3 Floors. (Basement, Main Floor, and Upstairs)

The Green Dot represents where my Wyze Sense hub is located. I have 35 devices connected to the Wyze Sense Hub with the furthest being outside on my patio (Red Dots) inside of a hot tub shell (probably 60ft from the Wyze sense Hub) and have no issues with connection on any devices. In fact I got a leak alert just today from the leak sensor in the hot tub shell.

I would say putting the Sense Hub as centralized as you can get it helps, but as you can see in my case it reaches where I need it to.


Per the FAQ for the hub (note range for sensors 500ft/152m):



Thanks. I will give it a try then. I am still skeptical as my house is spread out a bit more than yours and it has very dense walls. I have had to install 6 wifi access points in my home to get full coverage.

You guys are giving my house an inferiority complex. :frowning:

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maybe you should buy it a new room to make it feel better!

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Iā€™m sure @chuckcr or @R.Good have a spare wing to tuck it in.

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Crap. Why was I born, lol. :joy: