WYZEin multiple buildings, same ISP

Is it possible to have sensors in multiple buildings using the same ISP address, and all seen by the same app? (Realize that there would have to be more than one smart hub.)

All Wyze WiFi devices can be anywhere in the world and show up on the same app, which can also be anywhere in the world. You are not restricted to a single ISP or address.

I assume you plan to use them for automation and not HMS? HMS only allows one hub at this point and only one location per account.

Its less about the ISP than it is the WiFi SSID and passphrase you use. If possible, and using more than one router, highly recommend you use the same SSID and passphrase on the routers/WiFi net you are using. Might work without doing this, but will keep troubleshooting simpler if its the same network name (SSID) and passphrase (password).

I think @WildBill 's response is most accurate here? The poster is talking only about V2 sensors and hub. (I don’t know the right answer.)

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Perhaps I should give the specifics.

My primarty modem/router is in Building #1. I have run a 250 foot underground cable from it to another Building #2 where I have a wifi router and the WYZE – Hub, keypad, door sensor and climate sensor. I was hoping to add sensors to Building #1. But it sounds as though that’s not possible based on WildBill’s response.

The Hub communicates with the sensors over a special RF link (not a WiFi connection that you can put elsewhere), so the sensors need to be within range of the Hub.

Now they say the sensors only have to be within 500 ft of the Hub – so if that spec holds, you ‘may’ be able to do it. But I’m sure the 500 ft spec is open air, and not thru walls, especially metal ones.

So try adding a sensor in the remote building and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Are you using HMS, or just placing random sensors?

As soon as they relax the one-hub-per-account rule he or she should be fine. (If that happens.)

Worst case you just get two accounts and set up two monitoring tablets…

I guess. I’m only speculating.

I don’t believe there is any limit on Hubs per Wyze account, but there is a limit on Home Monitoring Systems per account.

I haven’t heard @JimPerry mention HMS yet, although he did mention having a keypad.

I don’t think you can have multiple hubs configured to work with HMS but I don’t have any extras to use for testing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a suggestion, since you explained more detail. IMO, you are looking at the wrong manufacturer for a solution. Take a look at the Yosmart.com products, better known as Yolink. Hub range is 1,000+ feet. They say as far as 1/4 mile. That’s hard to believe, but true. I’ve driven away from the house with a contact sensor and set it on and off and get an alert, as far away as two streets. You can install motion and contact sensors that reach the hub. You can add a speakerhub that reports specific words/phrases that alert you based on specific sensors. You can add a siren at multiple locations to sound and scare away intruders, And finally they are going to announce a Yolink camera. And this stuff will function if it loses Internet connectivity. Reasonably priced.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Since Wyze killed off the Sensor V1 and V2 sucks, I am using these sensors and hubs. I am waiting on the cameras.

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