Alarm setup and monitoring advice for detached garage

We have a garage about 100 feet away from our house. I’d like to include this on my Wyze alarm monitoring plan. Would I need another base unit or would the sensors reach all the way to the house?

If I have two base units would it need to different subscriptions?

Networking is currently joined with wired mesh WiFi access points between the house and garage


I set my in-laws up. They have a detached garage as well.

I moved the HMS hun the the closest point to the garage and then added sensors in the garage and they were able to connect to the hub.

So try moving the hub closer to the garage, then take a sensor and go where you would like to put it and see if it works. Something to try.

Note: you can oy have one subscription per account. At least that is what I remember.

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Thanks spamoni4. I’ll try the sensor locations out… I heard about the “only one monitoring plan per email account”, but saw some mixed messages talking about multiple “bridges” per account. Would love to know if this includes multiple Sense Hubs for one monitoring plan.

Basically, you can have multiple hubs and sensors connected through them. However, I believe that the sensors connected to a Non HMS Hub will not be available. I will tag an individual who has multiple hubs.

@R.Good , you have multiple hubs on your network, correct? Do you know if you can use any sensors paired in your IoT hub with the Security Hub? Basically use it as a bridge.


@dkinatx , We don’t believe you will be able to see sensor connected to a Non HMS Hub, but I will look at setting my spare hub up this week sometime. Then I can test some sensors on it to know for sure.

But if you can pair the sensors directly to your HMS Hub, you will be ok.



I do have 3 hubs. The only sensors that I can associate to the HMS system are those that are on the hub that is connected to HMS.

My additional hubs are primarily used for home automation (sensors that I do not use for monitoring) and testing.

The sensors do have a 500ft range from the hub. I would say I stretch that with a couple of sensors that are inside of a hot tub casing on my back patio monitoring for temp and leaks.

I am sure with the right location as mentioned by @spamoni4 you should be good with the one hub.


Thanks for the verification @R.Good

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I have a similar setup and there is a big issue:
Not being able to know if the system is active when you come back to your garage after being away.
Alarms has been triggered many times in my place because of this.
(Context: my wife doesn’t have the wyze app, nor the intention to install it, so when she comes back home via the garage first, she has no idea that the system is on, and it’s a pretty long walk to the house…)

If you have the Wyze color bulbs or variations of setup, or possible other indicators, you could set a rule to change the bulb as an indicator that the HMS system is armed Home or Away or even off with different colors.

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Wow, that is amazing! :exploding_head:
I need to try that ASAP!
Why don’t I think of those creative solutions by myself…? :man_shrugging:

The HMS rules are fairly new. And there are a number of us (that I know of and many more I am sure) that are ecstatic that they are there now!