Question about extra hub for outdoor buildings

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any other hubs coming out with out monitoring?

I have a hub with home monitoring, but I have four buildings out on my property that the hub can’t reach. If I order another hub, can I connect it up with out the security?

I have internet cat 6 cables run underground to the buildings and I’m running ubiquiti equipment for networking. So I can hook it up to the network with out issues. Main thing I’m wanting to do is use the door sensors and motion to turn on the lights and notify me that the door was closed. I was using the first Gen sensors with the bridge on the back of a cam pan (v1) but since they are not selling them any more and I’m wanting to upgrade the the new cam pan, it has no place for the bridge.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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They have not released the v2 hub without monitoring yet.

However, I have seen where individuals have went to the Wyze Store and searched for v2 Hub. I just did the search and found the following:

Looking at this one does not seem to require a subscription, but not 100% sure.

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Also not sure what happens when you try to add another hub. If you already have HMS, you may not be able to add the second one since it is limited to one in HMS.

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Did you find an answer for the second hub working with the system? I have a similar use case -

I installed a hub in my outbuilding to monitor climate and doors.

Now I want to add a second one for the house and replace an old security panel that had wireless door/motion sensors but only land line phone connectivity.

I am curious how you setup the multiple “zones” for home/away also.