I'm new here, can anyone help a brotha out?

I’ve had four V2 cameras for a year, I have been personally monitoring them via the app on my android phone. The use for the system is to monitor my home. I want to upgrade my system to include professional monitoring.

  1. Do I need a ‘hub’ for Wyze professional monitoring?
  2. The V2 cameras I already own will work with the currently offered Wyze hub correct?
  3. I was thinking of getting a newer outdoor camera for both entryways? I was thinking this would give 2 way audio and better nightvision, correct?
  4. Are there options/levels of monitoring? Can I configure it to call/alert my phone vs call 911?
  5. Does the hub store video on site or in the cloud?
  6. Any other items/features you would think about?

Thanks in advance!

Here is a good comparison chart to help you decide what is best for you.


Thank you for that chart for the monitoring services. Looks like Cam Protect or Home monitoring would be best. Do you know if Cam Protect qualifies for home insurance discounts?

Can anyone else give recommendations on what cameras/setups they’d recommend? Do the outdoor cameras have good/audible 2-way audio?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @sm85! :raising_hand_man:

Yes. All associated Wyze Sense Sensors operate on RF Signal, not WiFi. The Wyze Sense Hub is required to bridge the RF Signal to WiFi or Ethernet to work with the cloud and app.

Yes, however integrating cams into the HMS (limit 5) doesn’t add any functionality that isn’t already offered on the cam already. The 5 cam integration is still being developed…slowly.

Wyze Outdoor Cameras are battery powered (no wire) and have specific limitations in streaming and recording. They are intended as a solution where no power is available. If you have power, it is a better choice for security to chose a wired cam.

No. If there is an alarm, you will get a push notification, then a SMS text, then a phone call from Noonlight (very quickly BTW). If you do not cancel the alarm with your PIN from a keypad or the app or give them your safe word and authorize them to cancel the alarm, police will be dispatched.

The hub has no video capability or storage. All video or snapshots from the cams are stored in the cloud per the subscription on the cam. HMS comes with one free CamPlus license for one cam annually so long as you keep the HMS subscription.

I have had the HMS since release. I ordered it on preorder and waited until released to get it. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to try and answer them or find a user who can.

EDIT Just one more thought… Check your local municipality. Many require you to obtain an annual permit for your monitored security system.

Awesome, thanks for that reply

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