Adding additional Wyze Sense Hub for remote location?

Hello! I’ve been reading for a while and see where people are saying you can add as many Wyze Sense Hubs to your account as you want but I’m unable to see how to do this? I recognize I can only have ONE monitoring service though and that’s OK because I don’t need to pay for monitoring services at where I want to put this 2nd hub.

What I’m trying to do is monitor the temperature and humidity at a remote shed. I have access to WiFi at this shed and I bought another Wyze Home Monitoring starter kit. I’ll mount the sensors in the shed too for motion and when the door is open/closed but just for my own personal monitoring and wanted to use this setup to allow me to primarily keep an eye on temperature and humidity. I can see in one area where it shows “add home” but it’s greyed out?

Can somebody please point to how I can add a 2nd Wyze Sense Hub to my app? Thanks!

You would add it just as you would any new device to Wyze. Press the plus sign in the upper left, add device, sensors, Wyze Sense Hub, and go thru the setup process. When you name the device, name it something special so you can tell them apart. Then, when you add sensors it is clear which hub you are adding them to.


Thank you! I appeared to have outsmarted myself. I clicked around about everywhere but never went into “sensors” evidently because… well, it’s a hub and not a sensor. LOL! Anyway, thank you!