Migrate Sense Hub Sensors to New Sense Hub

I am having issues with Wyze sense hub (and have a workaround )however as a long term plan, if I need to replace the Sense Hub, can I add new sense hub and migrate / move all my sensors to new replaced hub, without painful reset / add of these sensors to Hub again?

This is a really cumbersome and worst experience if I need to reset and add all sensors again, hope someone has a better option or easier fix for replacing the hub.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, moving sensors requires “pairing” them to the new hub, and to enter pairing you have to go through Setup.

There is some mitigating news though. As long as you didn’t “Delete” the sensors from the app, it should remember their settings and any rule triggers associated with them.

I have had to do this a couple of times, and while it’s not my favorite thing in the world to do, it wasn’t as bad as I expected, especially since I didn’t have to pull down any of the sensors, just press the reset button. I got it down to pair them pretty fast. I’d open the new hub you want to move them all too, and hit the plus sign from there:

  • Plus sign
  • Sensor V2
  • select Next and hold the reset button.
  • Enter the name and DONE.

It was really that simple. As I recall it even kept them in the same groups/locations on my app, same rules, same settings. It was like nothing changed. So I’d just power through those steps at each and got it done surprisingly fast since there wasn’t really doing anything besides entering the name again and being done. At least the last time I did it.

Hopefully it’s easier than you think too. Still, sorry to hear you’re having hub troubles. That’s not fun!


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I have been there and also know this pain, which is why you may recognize the author.