Changing home monitoring sense hub device

I had a defective sense hub attached to my account, I removed it and ordered a new one that comes with quarterly plan which I attached to the account. Now when I enter the home monitoring on wyze app it enters set up however the hardware is attached to the prior sense hub (even though I deleted that sense hub on my wyze app). When I attempt to set up home monitoring it will not connect as it is trying to connect to the prior sense hub. Anyone else was able to change sense hubs successfully?

Was able to figure it out. I removed all the sense hub devices from the app again and restarted the app then went into Home Monitoring tab on the app and it started the set up process from scratch.


I was just going to tell you to do this, or at least “reset” the Home Monitoring Service. I just added a new hub last night so I could switch everything over to the new hub too and saw this is the way to do it.

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Hello, I am moving to a new home and I also need to add a new hub, since the one at my current home is not working properly. How should I go about doing this? I am grandfathered in at the 4.99 per month price. When I go to remove the old hub, it says that my subcription will be reset? Any help you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you.