Home security: Motion sensors, and keypad unable to re-pair with hub

Recently when I was checking my Wyze app I noticed all of the sensors (motion, door and keypad) were all disconnected from my hub.

I’ve tried deleting the hub and all security parts from my app, then adding them back again but the HUB seems unable to detect any of the sensors that it was able to detect before. I guessing this happened during a power outage that happened about a week ago.
I’m not sure if I have v1 or v2 door sensors, they came with the original pre-order setup.

Does anyone know whats going on? and How to get my hub to detect the parts of my security system again?

What firmware version do you have on the hub? Are you enrolled in beta and did you recently update the firmware?

Firmware on the hub is current,

I think, but am unsure, that I updated the HUB after this issue began, about a week ago.
And no, I’m not enrolled in any beta program option.

Will you submit a log for these issues and post the log number in here?

Select your hub from the home screen → Settings → Wyze Support → Submit a Log

Maybe we can get someone to look into why you are experiencing some similar issues as users trying a new beta firmware. Maybe it has something to do with the server or something instead, who knows.