Cannot add new sensors and keypad

Hello does anyone know why I cannot add new sensors and a keypad? Anyone else having this issue I’m doing everything correctly. It just never finds the device.

With certainty? No. But there’s been reports today of not being able to pull up a view on Android phones of cameras. Sounds like there’s some problems at Wyze.

The hub has recently had some issues with adding sensors. Wyze is working on a fix.

Check to see if there is a firmware update available for your hub. Some people have stated that they resolved this issue on the latest firmware by rebooting the hub and waiting a while (sometimes a couple of hours) before trying again, while others report that it was fixed by resetting the hub to factory settings and setting it up from scratch again.

Wyze is also looking to get their hands on some hubs that are having issues adding new sensors, so you could reach out to support and let them know you heard in the fix-it-friday report that they said they wanted to receive hubs that were having this problem and they would send replacements.

Either way, Wyze has indicated they will help people having this problem. If you have any troubles getting Support to resolve it for you, post back in here with the support ticket number.


I have issue with my hub. Cracking noises instead of voice notifications, no way to add new sensors (timeout), no registered events from existing sensors, random led flashing. I have got replacement hub from Wyze. After I set it up and added first 30-40 sensors - new hub went to the same state. I wish I didn’t upgrade to latest version. Case number is 2118409

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Not-upgrading is not an option sadly. HMS cannot be set up without upgrading. Also some sensors won’t work.

I think the Home Monitoring System should be on Saturday Night Live. As in Non-Ready for Primetime Players.

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Lol yeah 10 a month is a lot. 4.99 ok.