Moving Version 1 Sensors to Version 2 Hub

Does anyone know how to migrate existing version 1 contact and motion sensors to the version 2 hub from the home monitoring system? I assumed that unplugging the sensor bridge from the camera would do that trick but that only took the version 1 sensors offline. I currently have both the HMS and version 1 sensors back online but can’t figure out how to migrate the v. 1 sensors to the new hub. The app and all firmware is up to date. Thanks in advance.

Wyze app Home > Add (“+” in upper left corner) > Add Device > Sensors > Wyze Contact Sensor or Wyze Motion Sensor > Sense Hub > follow on screen directions to reset old sensor

Repeat for each old v1 sensor

Note that v1 sensors will still do their previous jobs, but you may have to recreate any rules/triggers and the old sensors will NOT trigger a monitored (HMS) alarm event.


I would definitely recommend verifying rules/triggers and notification options just to be sure. Still, I will say that when I moved all my V1 sensors to the new hub, that all my rules/triggers transferred over perfectly, even when/if I renamed the sensor to something else, so it was a totally smooth transition for me as everything stayed set up the way they were before with the exact same triggers/rules (in the Wyze app).

Again, I’d verify this yourself anyway, lots of variables to make a difference. Also, it’s possible that if you are swapping some out to different places (ie: putting a V2 sensor on your front door now, and moving the V1 sensor that used to be there to somewhere else), you will want to verify that the rules you had set up for that sensor are disabled, deleted or switched to the new sensor. You don’t want to assume old rules just got deleted when you reset the sensor, because in my experience I think they stay linked until you either manually DELETE the sensor (not just reset it), or delete the rule.

But the transition was really smooth for me to move all V1’s to the hub. I loved it.

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The only thing that didn’t transition over for me was v1 motion sensor triggering v2 cam video where v2 cam previously hosted plug-in bridge. Had to re-associate the trigger for 2 of those old motion sensors. Everything else went smoothly. :+1:


Oh, interesting, I didn’t actually test any of my automated cloud video rules. hmmm…might have to see if those worked or not now. I’m glad you mentioned it. I wouldn’t have noticed because I rarely use them, I just have a few of them without camplus upload a cloud event based on a sensor trigger just in case it was during a cooldown cycle…it’s a kind of loophole to ensure I have convenient access to the event without a cooldown limit, but when I saw all my important rules worked, I just quit testing the rest of them. Thanks for the example!

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No prob! :+1: I have a pile of v2 cams with person detection pilot and a bunch of v1 sensors so I try to put some of them to good use. For example, I have a long run of stairs for access to an in-law suite (or whatever we call it today). I put v1 motion sensors and v2 cams at the top and bottom of the flight of stairs. The bottom sensor triggers the top cam looking down and the top sensor triggers the bottom cam looking up… harder to defeat and sensor notifications are ALWAYS immediate.

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I’ve migrated all of my sensors over to the Wyze Hub. It went well except for that my hub went offline and I had to reset it in order to reconnect it, so I lost all of my device connections to the hub and all of my rules and had to do it all over again. Anyway, I removed the bridges from the cameras but they are still shown in the app. I don’t think there’s a way to remove them. Maybe that’s not a problem, but I wanted to ask if anyone else also has this and has any ideas. Also, as far as keeping the hub connected, do you think it’s better to stick with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or enter in the Wi-Fi details but still keep ethernet connected? Thanks!

If you delete the camera that the bridge is setup on, it will delete the bridge. Then set the camera up again.

You can switch switch the bridge to a camera that is easier to access first, then delete that. That way it’s easier to set up the camera again.

There might be other ways to accomplish this, but I discovered that option on accident when I deleted a camera that a bridge used to be on but had been disconnected for months. So at least there is a workaround for now.

Thanks! Have you found that some of your rules can get deleted when you delete a device? That has happened to me before, at least with a sensor, when it is the trigger device. I’m a little hesitant to delete the cameras for this reason. I wonder if leaving the bridges visible in the app can cause issues or not.