Where are the sensors!?!?!?

I have had wyze for years now. Long enough for the sensors and bridges to fail. I have been waiting on the new ones to come out for months. It is frustrating to have sensors fail and not be able to replace them. May be looking for a new brand.

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The new V2 sensors will be replacing the older V1s. The new sensors have already come out. They are available with the home monitoring service here: Affordable Professional DIY Home Security Monitoring, and Alarm System – Wyze
Sensors and starter kits will most likely be available without HMS when preorders are done. A date hasn’t been announced for this yet.


I don’t want home monitoring. Will I have to replace every sensor or will the new sensors work with the V1 bridge?

The new sensors only pair with the new hub. The old sensors can pair with the new hub but I’m not clear if they they’ll still work as usual. Currently any devices connected to the new hub won’t work as triggers in Alexa routines. At this time you can only get the new sensors and hub as part of the home monitoring system which are just now showing up from pre-orders and additional sensors will go to HMS customers first. It’ll be some time before you can get new sensors without buying into HMS, if ever but you can buy the service, get the devices, and then cancel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wyze forces everybody to try HMS for at least a month.

The new sensors have to be paired with the V2 hub. I would suggest paring all sensors with the new hub because t will provide a more reliable connection.

This is a known issue, it’s being looked into.

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