Wyze sensor replaced by Wyze Monitor

I have 7 original door sensors and 3 motion sensors. They are just a bit over a year old so Wyze will not longer replace them when they break. However, they are starting to fail. I had 3 totally brick in the first year and were replaced under warranty. I now need more sensors and would like to have some replacements; however, Wyze will no longer sale them. So I can not get broken ones replaced, nor can I purchase more. The answer I got was purchase Wyze monitor. But I don’t want a home monitoring system. That is why I went Wyze to begin with. Having said all that and becoming negative towards Wyze (when I had always been a supporter), can I use the new Monitor system and get the same alerting and Alexa integration with each of them as I did with the original? And how can I get whole home coverage when I have a very large home as I don’t think one wyze monitor bridge will cover my entire home?

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The new V2 HMS sensors are designed with home security in it mind, but they can be used like the old sensors for automations too.

Wyze says the new bridge will have better coverage because it’s a standalone hub. You can purchase one kit and test it out.

And what is Wyze doing with all of our brick sensors? I mean the product is defective is not like we wanted to break them.

My home is 5,400 sqr feet and a single wyze home monitoring base unit will not cover the entire house. How do I get the 7 door sensors and multiple motion sensors around the house to work?