Wyze Sense Hub replacement the Wyze hub?

I just received my home monitoring kit. And dose the HUB that comes with the kit replace the old Wyze sense that plug in the back of the cam? And will the v1 sensors work with the V2 hub?

I have not done it yet, but, yes, you should be able to move your V1 contact sensors and motion devices to the new hub.

Yes. The HMS hun can act as the main controller for any of the older Sense sensors (Motion + Door/window)

Some things to keep in mind that I’ve discovered when migrating control over to the HMS hub.

Mostly went over with no issues, Although you do not have to delete sensors before adding them to the HMS, I’ve found that it is cleaner when you delete the old sensor and then add it to HMS…( yes, all the settings for that sensor including the name and preset schedules moved over as well.)

Oddly though, even doing the deletion process, I have four sensors (all Sense motion) that keep reporting low battery. (Even though I’ve changed the battery (with three different branded ones and the voltage were all fine) the Wyze app is still reporting low battery for these. When I delete and move them back to an older V2 Cam with bridge, the low battery messages are not appearing…

To add on, the V1 sensors (regardless of how they’re connected) can not be linked to the home monitoring service or used to trigger home monitoring alarms. The V1 sensors can trigger automations like Wyze uses or Amazon routines and will still connect to the V2 hub.

Yes, correct. The first gen sensors are can only be used for automation rules, The HMS will not utilize the data from the older sensors for the purpose of setting off the alarm. (They cannot trigger an alarm state.)