How to test sensors?

I’m new to this part of the Wyze ecosystem. I’m not seeing how you test a given sensor. For example, I intend to put two contacts on my garage, but I don’t know if they have enough range. I’d like to see on my phone the state of the contacts somehow so I know they are making it. Same with the motion sensors.

I used to install security for a living, high end residential, commercial, and military applications. We tested each sensor thoroughly, and then set the system up so that we could monitor for a few days without dispatch, to make sure none of the sensors were tripping when they shouldn’t. I’m not seeing how to do this with Wyze.

Could I possibly kludge something up with rules to turn on a wyze plug?

Assume you are trying to test HMS. You can just put it in test mode and verify everything but dispatch works. If you don’t want to setup HMS you can do what you suggest but you’ll still need to run the setup at some point. Doing it first allows you to test the entire system and not just the sensors.

Ok, I was looking to just test the sensors before I trust them in the whole system.


You CAN add the hub and sensors through the add device process. However, I’ve heard there can be problems with the sensors if you do it that way. Then you’d need to remove the devices and run the HMS installation process anyway.

Since they are part of the whole system I don’t understand the hesitation to just set the whole thing up and test all the parts.

The Wyze Sense v2 of sensors are standalone hardware, that is currently only sold and integrated with hms. The sensors have their own notification settings outside of the hms alerting system. Put hms in test or leave disarmed. Then test the individual sensors for response while watching their individual device page in the Wyze app to see status and history.


Ok, so I added my motion sensors to the system before I understood that I need to add them under HMS. Can I then just remove them from the main app and do the pairing again under HMS?

You can do that, but there is no need because you already associated the sensor to your hub.

Go to Wyze app Home > Monitoring tab (bottom middle) > Home Monitoring Settings (scroll down to the bottom) > Home & Away.

Don’t Add New Sensor… tap “Edit”.

Default is for Home setting. You should see your motion sensor listed. Add your sensor to the list of monitored sensors by checking the box and tap Save. I don’t add motion to Home settings. You may wish to.

Repeat for Away setting and tap Save. I do add motion sensors to Away settings.

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Looks like @Seapup has ya covered. :slight_smile:

Everything follows right up to “add new sensor”, there’s no “edit” and when I tap “add new sensor” my only apparent option is to pair a new sensor.

What app version are you using? I see “edit” right above the add a new sensor button on the right side on the away/home sensor setting page. Maybe a beta addition or move? Able to post a screen shot of this page here?

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Ok, thanks! I found it finally. Sensors added in.

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