I think I screwed up Entry sensors

I accidentally set up my entry sensors (17 of them) as Contact Sensors. Will this make a difference? My husband will kill me if we have to do this again!

Not sure what you mean by “entry sensors” … there are only contact or motion sensors.

Wyze Entry Sensor v2 listed separately on setup but I did not notice it. Is this a newer one?

That’s the one that’s part of the Home Monitoring System starter kit. The other is the older V1 sensor. Wouldn’t have thought the app would add them that way. They need to be Entry Sensors to work with HMS, most likely.

so what you are telling me is that I need to delete these and re connect them as entry sensors? CRAP!!!

I don’t know that for sure. In HMS under Home & Away settings can you select any of them? If not,then yes, you’ll probably need to delete them or at least re-add them by using the add device function.

When you go into the screen to add device, you are given 5 main categories to select from.

One of which is sensors… And in the sensors, there are 6 sensors that you can select from,… OF which 2 of them is the Wyze Sense Hub itself and the Wyze Sense Keypad which I would think you would’ve already installed onto your Wyze account.

Next you can select either the second generation sensors: Wyze Entry Sensor V2 or the Wyze Motion Sensor V2… These came with the HMS (Home Monitotriong) kit.

Now, if you have older V1 (version one) sensors (these are smaller in size) also know as: Wyze Contact Sensor and the Wyze Motion Sensor… then you can select either of these options…

Sorting out and Identifying what you are trying to install will definitely help you figure which device you need to get istalled. Also label them as you go so you know what you have configured and what is left to be configured.

I made the assumption of V2s since V1s are no longer available and this seems to be a new installation.

Okay, I did sort them into groups and identify each sensor by a name and a number. They all are showing up on my home/away settings. They are each listed correctly in the device info section. Maybe I am ok.
Thanks for responding so quickly.

No worries… @WildBill

Figured I just lay it out so that anyone else that may be in a similar situation will see the various options available to select from and be able to make heads or tails …

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