Entry sensor/contact sensor. screwed up, I think

OK, when I added my new v2 entry sensors to my alarm system, I chose contact sensor when I should have chosen Entry sensor 2 during the install. It installed just fine, but I want to make sure the wyze app was smarter than me and figured it out, or do I have to reinstall them?

I made the same mistake on a couple of my sensors. Can you see them in the HMS settings for home and away? If so, they’re fine. The system seems to be able to discern the differences.

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I think your right, I looked at them in the app and they have the right model number. So I guess they are smarter than me. Didn’t I read that the old sensors were not compatible with the new base, or was it that you just can’t use them with the monitoring?

The latter. You can connect them to the hub but they won’t work with HMS.

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