Motion Detectors

I am looking at the motion detectors and it says I need a home monitoring starter kit to use with the detector. When I look on the Wyze website I cannot find this. Can someone point me where I would find what is needed with the motion sensors?
Thank you for any assistance.

Welcome back to the community @craig4cv !

You can find the home monitoring system here.

Wyze Sense Hub


Thank you for the quick response. It looks that the link you provided is for a home monitoring service. The motion sensor says it needs a home monitoring starting kit which sounds like hardware. Do you know if more hardware is need to be used with the sensor?

Currently the Wyze Sense hardware (contacts, motions) are only available with a purchase of the HMS, which was referenced by @R.Good above. Aka the service comes with the hardware/starter kit, as shown in the link provided above. Or shown here:

For the Sense motion (or contact) sensors to work, you need the hub, which is included in the HMS starter pack.

Later edit/ Just wanted to clarify, you can currently purchase the contact sensors, motion sensors, and keypad separately in the store right now. But they can only be used with the hub which is only sold as a part of the HMS service currently.