PIR detector range

I received my sense kit, and installed the PIR sensor outside by my front door (the camera there has always been fooled by the wind moving the bushes, and the sun going behind clouds. It is working, and I love the minimalist ID of these devices, but it is not as sensitive as I had hoped. What should we expect for range, and what is the field of view of the PIR lens?

Oh, and it would rock if you had IFTTT support for the sense sensors :wink:

Thanks for another great product.


IFTTT support on the way…

My in-home testing found a view angle of about 150 degrees, and a distance range of at least 12 feet - this is with the motion sensor mounted about 5’ from the floor.

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Please keep in mind the Wyze Sense products are intended for indoor use only. They are not weatherproof. Here are the Wyze Sense FAQs. However, I was not able to find the PIR range in Wyze’s documentation.

My Wyze Sense Saran works fine outdoors… :slight_smile:



Does anyone know how far can the PIR be from the hub? I am having trouble connecting to it. I have installed the PIR in my garage. I did the initial setup nearer to the hub but once I mounted (about 7 ft above ground) it inside the garage , I lost connectivity. How far can the PIR be from the Hub? Mine is around 12 ft liner with 2 walls in between.

My hub and motion sensor are in between 50ft approximately and 1 wall in between.

OP: in my case I’ve found my PIR sensor being to sensitive. I’ve gone back to the wyzecam motion detection since I get less false alerts.

Update: I tilted down the PIR sensor and m getting less false alerts.