Wyse Cam Outdoor Range and Sensitivity

Does anyone know what is the effective range of the motion sensors in the Wyze Cam Outdoor? I have my vehicle parked less than 30 ft. from the camera, and it will not trigger an event, even if I walk a complete circle around my vehicle in broad daylight, testing the doors and looking in the windows. I have the sensitivity and distance cranked up to 100%, have tested it both with and without detection zones, with and without cam plus. I have spent the last two afternoons testing & adjusting placement, settings, etc, reading the support files and still can’t get a reliable, consistent result. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The outdoor camera uses PIR detection, unlike the v2 or v3 cameras which detect motion based on pixelation. My Outdoor cam is pointed along a walkway at the rear of my building and senses people at a distance of 15 to 20 feet. The downside is that it sometimes doesn’t trigger soon enough if an individual is walking quickly toward the camera, and pretty much misses their face. The upside is it doesn’t trigger on squirrels or blowing leaves or snowfall. The v3 camera might be a better choice for your application. You might want to post a photo that illustrates how the camera is mounted and where the vehicles parked so that others might chime in.

Welcome to the forums! Like @oldgeek said, can you post or tell is how the camera is mounted? Is it behind a window perhaps?

Check out this linked video, and see if that helps the troubleshoot and so you can understand how the WCO detects motion.

Camera is mounted just above my garage door, 24 feet from the camera to the door of my truck. No glass or other obstructions in between. I can’t take a picture right now, but I will add one in the morning. V3 camera is not an option because it requires power.

20210302_10_17_32 Here is a photo of the installation.

Which direction is the face of the camera facing, at the truck, trailer or in between. This Amazon van is at 56 feet. The red line I drew on the picture is the direction the face of the cam is pointing. As for people I would say 24 feet is near the end limit but I have gotten many at about 34 feet if they are crossing the detection zone at an angle.

The camera is centered on the area between the truck and the boat trailer, trying to avoid false alarms from cars going down the street. I think you may be right about the range. sometimes it triggers, sometimes not. I can approach the door of the truck from the street and it won’t trigger a notification, but if I go to the front of the truck or take a few steps toward the camera, it will trigger.

Maybe you can mount a few feet closer and point the face of the cam so you are crossing the zone at an angle if possible. The detection zone is quite wide just make sure your truck is in the PIR area.

I could get it about 2 ft closer if I mount it on the corner of the garage instead of under the eaves, but then it would be more exposed to the theft, vandalism and weather.

I wouldn’t worry about the weather unless it would be in the direct sun all day. I have 2 of my cams on the mounts that screw into the bottom of the cam. Yes the could be stolen I guess but someone would have to stand on a ladder and unscrew it which is a little harder than just yanking it off the magnet.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.