OD Cams not detecting motion, people, or vehicles past 20-25’

I have several V3 cams at my house that work perfectly. Unfortunately, at my lake house I don’t have the opportunity to use V3s so I purchased 3 OD cams. I’m having trouble getting them to detect motion, people, or vehicles farther than about 20-25’ away.

  • all 3 cams are on Cam Plus
  • the detection zone is completely open
  • the target range is within the PIR Effective Range
  • the Close/Far distance is set to 100 but I’ve also tried 75 and 50 with no change
  • the image sensitivity is set to 100

The attached videos are from each camera but of the same event. The screenshots are the PIR. I think the way they are set up they should be picking up motion much farther out.

Do I just need to scrap these cams and figure out a way to replace with V3s?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The WCO are not real good at detection when motion is straight at the camera, motion crossing left to right, right to left is good. I have never gotten people beyond about 28 feet, I have gotten motion a little further, and vehicles at about 55-60 feet. The garbage truck is at 55 feet, the face of the cam is pointing in the direction of the red line. I think you should turn your cams a little left or right a few degrees at a time until you get the view you want and a little crossing motion. It doesn’t take to much the view and PIR are very wide.

Thanks for the info. I had one of the cams at a pretty good angle (see below pic) until today. It was reacting the same way so I thought moving it closer would help. Maybe I’ll split the difference and see if that helps.

I only moved my 4 cams six times before I got it right :grin: If it doesn’t work to your liking get some V3 cams. I currently only have one because I don’t have any power without drilling holes through walls and siding. I put one on the house by the garage because I only had to drill a small hole through the wood siding to get the power USB cable outside. I really like the V3.

The V3s are awesome. I have 3 at my residence.