Person detection only works at about 10-15ft

I noticed last night that my v3 and OG cams I have outside will only pick up motion detection at around 10-15.ft. This is in acceptable. I have my truck parked directly under a V3 and I was able to get in my truck on both sides and the camera never picked me up. What is the deal?

Mine works for a distance more than that. You might have to adjust the sensitivity or the detection zone if it’s enabled.

I turned the sensitivity way up. No zone set so it should pick up the entire frame. It will not even follow me through the entire FOV.

I never tested max distance (suppose I should just to see what it is) but I know the V3 has done 50-60ft or more in my case even from a corner with motion detection.

Am thinking it might be the sensor has a physical problem in yours. It is possible to understand the settings incorrectly. Some other weird things could be possible at rare times (and normal times).

Going to add: I noticed recently that not all things show up in notifications or even events for me. Some were only found in cam playback but I’ve not looked into that further as of yet. Just adding it as a possible something. Its possible there’s a newer app bug or something. If you see it in playback then its possible that a bug is happening and you just don’t get a detection notice about it.

There’s actually a lot of possibilities. A lot more probably than is easily thought of.

This is a regular V3? Not a Cam Pan V3? My regular V3s detect motion well past 40 feet and identify people and pets at 30+ feet, and this is looking through a window.

My Cam Pan V3s on the other hand don’t detect anything past about 18 feet and AI detection doesn’t work past 15 feet, inside, no windows. Other people have reported the same thing.

If you’re having this problem with a regular V3 my guess is something is wrong with it or the settings aren’t configured correctly.