New Cam Pan V3s. Poor motion detection past about 15 feet. Normal?

So starting last week I ordered a bunch of Cam Pan V3s to upgrade several regular Cam V2s and one Cam Pan V2.

My primary cam used to monitor my living room and front door is placed on top of a bookshelf about 8 ft high and about 25 feet from the front door and farthest wall.

I had a regular Cam V2 there before and it would detect all motion throughout the entire area including my 20 pound dogs which it would correctly identify as Pets anywhere in the room.

The Cam Pan V3 though, in the exact same position, doesn’t seem to detect any motion from the dogs if they are more than about 15 feet from the camera. It will detect people out to about 17 or 18 feet consistently but beyond that sometimes it detects them, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve had people walk through my front door and the Cam Pan V3 didn’t detect anything. The Cam V2 always detected this.

I have it set to record all motion events and the sensitivity at 100.

I’ve tried two different Cam Pan V3s with the exact same result.

Also not very impressed with the night vision. Out of the four Cam Pan V3s I’ve been using some look OK, some are a little grainy and look almost like there’s a haze or film over the image (yes, I removed the plastic lens protector they ship with).

In contrast, the regular Cam V3s I bought for outside will detect motion well past 40 ft and will consistently identify People and Pets accurately.

Is this normal performance for the Cam Pan V3s? I can’t imagine every single one I got was defective so I have to assume this is normal and the motion sensing on them is very inferior to the older Cam V2 and the current Cam V3.

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I’m not happy with my Panv3 at all

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Thanks goodness someone says it… I thought I was going mad.

15 foot yeah… Day time

But at Night it detects light across the field.

Yet my v3 and v3pro work 40+ plus day or night

I’m honestly about to toss this in the amazon trash for a refund.

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