Cam Pan V3 bad motion detection past 15-18 feet.?

What gives?

My regular V3 and v3pro detect 40+ foot day or night. But this new pan v3 will detect lights across a field at night but a person or car not past 15 foot during the day. This is clown world :clown_face::joy: for reference I’m on 100… Tried every setting. I’ve matched it with my other two cams exactly so I know it’s not my settings. I’m concerned it hardware? Hopefully it’s a software problem because at least that can be fixed.

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Mine is out to lunch also, I’m not happy with it. Detecting is so off, A shadow from a walking person notifies as a car, But a car drives in my driveway and no notification . Going back and look can see the green box follow the car, but nothing saved. Utter nonsense.


That is with ALL wyze cams, if there is a vehicle (parked or not) in the capture the AI seems to call it a vehicle for any other detection.

A deer walks by the vehicle and it’s a vehicle detected

A bug flys in the field of view and a vehicle is present it’s a vehicle.

A person walks by with a vehicle in view it’s a vehicle…

Wyze has the worst AI Vehicle detection out of my brands of cameras

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I don’t mind the false vehicle detections if a vehicle is actually in the frame but the fact that the Pan V3 doesn’t detect any motion beyond approximately 17 feet and doesn’t properly identify people or pets past 15 feet is a problem.

My living room is 15’ x 25’ and I can only place the cams on the far ends so to cover the whole 25’ area I need TWO Cam Pan V3s. That’s very annoying.

I’ve literally had people and dogs walking back and forth on the far end of the room and the Cam Pan V3 on the other end didn’t detect any motion at all. But as mentioned, my regular V3s and V3 Pro will detect a freakin skunk over 30 feet away, through a window and will identify a person out to 40 feet.

Before I bought a bunch of them I thought the Pan V3 was a regular V3 but with pan/tilt abilities added to it. Unfortunately it’s not. It’s a very inferior camera but with pan/tilt features. It’s fine for small rooms or short distances but not for much else.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Wyze is working on a Pan V3 Pro that does have the optics of a regular V3 or V3 Pro.


I’m just about to try one higher position, and if that doesn’t help I’m sending back to Amazon as broken. Glad I have video proof of it not detecting humans and cars more then 15 foot away.

Watched my parents cut a tree yesterday well I was away, stubborn step father couldn’t wait lol… But none of them only 20’ away got a detection as someone around. Even a large truck pulled in and nothing.

Even the school buses have been going by and nothing lol. My other v3 hits the bus from I would say more then 50 foot away. Yet at night the pan v3 actually does a Fantastic job seeing lights pass 50 foot away. And registers it at least as motion. :joy::sob:

Not sure how high you are going to place them but the one in my living room that only sees as far as half the room is 8.5’ high on top of a shelf. IMO placing them higher just moves them farther from the target object and makes things even worse.

I’m curious to see if it makes a positive difference for you.

I’ll be moving it early morning or later in the day then testing.

EDIT: I sent it back to Amazon for a replacement to try and put it at 5 foot ish height. And testing now…

This is how bad the pan v3 is. Yes motion box is on. This is a truck pulling in.

Here is a person walking past. The limit 22foot.

So it’s going back to Amazon. It’s pretty poor for detection. Probably just pick up a v3pro or a different brand and call it a day

Mine is often offline even though the v2 mounted right below maintains connectivity without issue. And the detection is more miss than hit. Definitely not living up to my expectations.