Ideas needed to resolve detection issue

Hey all! I am seeking some advice/ideas to resolve an issue I’m having with the landscape my camera watches.

Attached is a photo of the view this camera rests in, I have detection zones set up to exclude the interstate traffic in the background, however, once the camera detects something legitimate (like someone walking into the driveway) the camera will now look upwards enough to include the highway in the detection zone, and at that point it will watch cars go by until I correct it manually on the app.

This poses a large issue as I could have someone approaching my house, which it would track, before locking onto traffic and staying locked on. I can play with the sensitivity, however once I have it to where it won’t pick up the traffic, it also doesn’t pick up people anymore either.

I could see this solution being resolved completely if we were able to set range of motion limit, so that I could make sure that it never looks up enough to catch the traffic. However with the current functions available I am not finding a way to eliminate this.

The camera currently sits in a static position and covers a wide area, but it would be much better if it was tracking persons approaching the house without getting distracted! Let me know what you guys think!

V3 (or a couple) rather a Pan camera.

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I 2nd the multiple fixed cameras instead of the pan cam. More coverage, don’t have to deal with the tracking etc.

The tracking limits is an existing wishlist item. Visit to vote and show support!

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Get camera that uses PIR to detect motion.

V3 and pan cameras going to trigger a lot of false motion events at night because of car headlights from the street/interstate.