Direction/Motion Limits For Wyze Cam Pan Tracking

Our motion tracking is not quite as accurate as we would like and we’re working on that. In the meantime, adding direction limits to Wyze Cam Pan will help prevent the camera from overshooting and getting focused on an area that the owner doesn’t care about watching (or would rather not prioritize). This would also add the ability to prevent Wyze Cam Pan from looking at televisions or areas of the room considered to be more private (like the bed area in a bedroom).




I have been using this cam since it was first released and I like everything about it. One issue I am experiencing is with the pan settings when I only turn on motion tagging. The camera spins too much and just focuses on the wall. If there is a way I can limit the panning range to detect motion that would be great. The panning feature currently forces the camera to move every 10 seconds but misses any detected motion. Just need to find a way to marry the two :slight_smile:




Is there (or will there be) a way to limit the rotation of the Pan to prevent overtracking?

my issue is I’ve somewhat hidden the camera in a bookcase. It works well overall but sometimes it has a tendency to overshoot what it is tracking and then turn facing the back of the bookcase.

Would it be possible to limit the rotational travel through an app setting? I’m guessing something similar to setting waypoints but as a way to constrain rotation.


And also tilt limit.


Adding to this, I have it on my game shelf and I get lots of reflections off of glossy boxes grabbing attention. Being able to limit its rotation would be helpful so it doesn’t end up staring at the back of the shelf.

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I would like this as well. Mine seems to be pretty dumb and will face a wall when there is movement happening all around it.


Yep, mine does it also. Needs a travel limit feature.


I was just trying to see if I could do this last night. I have two pan cams and they were both facing the walls and I could not check to see how long my dog walker had my pup out for. Its very frustrating when they look at the wall when there is plenty of motion around them. It would be a huge feature upgrade for my use!


This is a most have!
I have found my Pan Cameras way too often looking to the walls.

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Yes - Definitely need a soft Pan Tilt Limit

It pans to far and faces the wall

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I’m glad that you are working on the motion tracking because it is very jerky and often overshoots the person\animal\other object causing it to lose the track most times. I recently installed a Wyze Cam Pan on the center of my garage ceiling. After testing to see how the motion tracking would work I was somewhat disappointed. It would pan or tilt randomly and rapidly as I walked by or did some work. Even with the motor control speed set very low it wouldn’t track without making random movements and losing the objects track most times. It almost seemed as though the motion detection ability of the cam goes crazy for a few seconds because after it stopped each time, the green motion boxes would quite frequently be drawn around inanimate objects causing the cam to tilt\pan to center those non moving objects. The addition of a pan\tilt limit is a good addition even if\when the tracking is improved.

Also, something I have yet to test is motion moving past the mechanical rotation stop. I would think it should rotate back around to continue to follow the moving object. If it doesn’t this may be something else to include in future motion tracking revisions. Overall still pleased with the all 6 of my Wyze cams. For the price they offer some peace of mind when I’m away from home. Thank you for being so engaged with your customers and using our feedback to improve your products. Happy New Year!


Great idea!

I love the Pan cam. I have one in my son’s room and the living room but the issue I’m seeing is that the living room camera, while following people walking around can turn almost completely around and get “stuck”. The way I fixed this is to have pan turn on, but yes, limiting the turn through software would be great.


Looking forward to this update. Other users also mentioned jerky tracking. I agree! The tracking is so jerky that the image greatly suffers, until motion stops and the camera stops rotating.

My three main concerns:

  • Need to limit pan to area I designate. I do not care to see the book behind the Pan on top of the bookcase, which is not in my panning parameters. :wink:
  • Reduce jerky panning motion
  • Motor sound interferes with understanding recorded audio

Love my Pans! Intend to buy a bunch more!


Can we please limit vertical movent so the pan cam won’t become fixated on ceiling fans.

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Here is an example of why we need limits:

And an example of overzealous/jerky motion tracking:

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Thank you for sharing these videos. I’ll make sure that the team sees them!


I have the same thing as the video. It will pick up lights as motion so it will look at the wall a lot during the night.

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Another member pointed me here after posting this in the Beta Forum For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just copy and paste what I had already posted. :slight_smile:

I have a Waze Pan mounted to an outside wall. I installed it about 3 months ago and I’ve had no issues with weather damage or wifi connectivity.

The only real problem that I have is the fact that when the camera tracks motion,it often confuses the IR relfection from the wall (siding of house) AS motion, resulting in the camera to rotate 180° and stair at the wall until it resets back to the assigned motion zone.

I know we can create four set points for the camera to pan automatically, but how about adding another “advanced” option similar to that feature… Basically a start and end point of where the camera should actually rotate.

It’s phenomenal that these cameras have the ability to turn 360°, but it’s a big downfall for situations like this.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

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My request may be a little different in that I am less worried about the left/right pan that I am the up/down tilt. I have my pan mounted upside down from the ceiling and I would like for the tilt to default to a more downward (technically upward) view so I see less of the ceiling. If motion detection pulls it up that is fine but then go back to default setting of looking more downward. Whenever I manually pull it down to view in the app I get maybe 1 second of a clear image then it turns and recenters.

I have this Pan mounting kit, and it allows me to tilt the camera more downward.

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