Direction/Motion Limits For Wyze Cam Pan Tracking

You may just need to use/adjust the detection zone in Settings > Detection Settings > Detection Zone.

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I believe the detection zone is only for motion tracking. But that did trigger me to look around some more and I think I have improved my view by using advanced settings/motor controls/pan scan settings and then adjusting the waypoints. Each of the 4 waypoints can be up or down in addition to left and right. Thanks for leading me to review the setting options again!

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Has anything been done about this motion tracking problem. It tends to overshoot and then moves to an extreme position where it is essentially useless since it will never see any new motion.

I have adjusted the settings on sensitivity and motion speed and it doesn’t help.

The Wyze cameras are nice for the price but new customers shouldn’t have to spend hours and days browsing forums and tweaking settings to get their product to function properly. I see this discussion started Nov 2018 and here it is May, seven months later and apparently no resolution.

I have seen this issue with multiple different users and cams, the pan seems to like to stare at walls at night because it detects the IR reflection on the wall. A good way to fix this issue would be to put a rotation limitation in the settings so users are able to set a “Wall” where the camera will no longer turn past. This will allow users that mount their pan cam outdoors to set limitations and keep from the camera continuously staring at a wall.

Replying + voting for the “limit rotation” element of the feature request.

I am a new purchaser of the Pan Cam. I bought the pan cam over the regular version in order to have the up/down pan option, but need to install in a small cavity where there isn’t room to rotate the unit side to side.

Not being able to disable the power-on rotation is unfortunate.

I leave my Pan camera a full day alone and it ends looking at the wall behind it
i use one of those birdhouse like cover and base
please fix it

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When my front door camera has IR on at night, and it is set to follow motion, once triggered by something it starts to try to follow, but then it sees its own IR illumination, follows that, and ends up staring at the wall behind it. By the time it resets itself to the default position, the ‘intruder’ has gone. If it could be set never to go beyond a certain point on the left or right, that would be avoided. It could be done by a variation of the panning settings - tick a box to indicate that the leftmost and rightmost points set there should never be exceeded.

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I use the Pan Cam to track activity in my driveway and a portion of the street. I have enabled motion tracking and I noticed that when it senses a vehicle approaching from either sides of the waypoints, it tries to focus on the moving object and pans way outside the waypoint marker, its facing the window frame now… since the vehicle has moved by then, it pans the otherway way past the vehicle. This results in a ‘z’ pattern tracking which tries to focus but misses.

I understand that this camera was intended for use indoor, where objects are less than 10 feet away. so the pan moves this fast. Can this be altered to make smaller/often adjustments making the tracking smoother for objects much farther away?

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Just purchased a pan, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in the motion tracking it offers, it’s quite poor. The cam overshoots, then corrects when another movement occurs, overshoots again, cycle repeats and I end up looking at the right side of the video, then left, then right. The cam should calculate the change in position as it pans so it knows when to stop, as it obviously is guessing due to the fact it’s a flat image and does know how far away the object is, but since it’s guessing it is most likely going to guess wrong.


I have the same problem. My pan cam is on my mantle. I had someone watching my house, but i could not see what they were doining. Cam would over scan and stop after passing individual. Cam recognized person and their movement (about 15 ft away) but could not keep individual in the view. This is just an example of cams normal operation. An additional but related problem at night, cam will over scan when it sees movement and i am frequently looking at wall behind cam. This might be rectified by adding adjustable stop limits in the software.

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I asked for the same thing it’s caused by neighbors lights and the fact that we have motion tracking on. I also asked for person tracking instead of motion tracking. I think they have shot down both. I thought about getting ride of my cam pans outside and putting in Wyze V2 looks like more cameras instead of a firmware fix.

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My Pan definitely loves to watch it’s own shadow and IR flare. This issue is probably my main gripe so far and adding a limiter would be an easy fix I assume.


Also, this is my biggest disapointment with the pan cam. I also agre seems like software stop limits might be an easy fix.


I’d really like to see a limiter for the rotation of the Pan Cam. My outdoor camera will turn to look at motion around the sides of its detection zone then will see further motion as it turns such as branches and spin itself right around at the wall just to watch it’s own shadow or IR flare. A lock on how far the camera can rotate would assist with Pan Cameras that are positioned against walls and corners and prevent them from getting lost in their own presence.


Lights reflected off the wall or other objects near the Pan attracts it and forces the camera against the wall. I would like a software or hardware option to stop the camera from panning too far one way or the other.


Please please please implement this. I’m forced to turn the motion tracking off because it focuses on the wall every single time it senses motion at night which makes it miss the actual thing that’s happening.


Seems like the product wasn’t tested before being released. Motion tracking is awful and jerky and it ends up looking at walls at night time. Not trying to be negative but if they spent a few days coding they could easily improve the algorithm if they had comptentent coders (again, not saying they don’t, it’s very doable). Perfect what you’ve released before developing and releasing new products.

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No offence, craig91 and please don’t take this negatively or personally but unless you are an expert coder for camera software and hardware such as this, I don’t see how would even attempt to comment on a topic such as this. I am a coder and I don’t have a clue. You must be really smart.

Wyze cameras work awesome! Yes, the PanCam does not track as much or as smoothly as some of us would like but give Wyze some credit that is due! Wyze makes very high quality products including their cameras, their new Wyze Sense sensors and smart Wyze Plugs at 1/4 the price of their nearest competitor! Give them a little time, I am confident that they will get there.

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Like you, I’m a programmer. Setting rotational limits should not be too challenging. They already have the pan scan feature, which “remembers” different areas to scan for. The camera absolutely calculates a position before it pans. If it had an actual setting that stored an upper and lower limit in degrees that it could pan, and the camera had calculated that it needed to pan beyond that you could easily reset the value it is panning to the limit defined by the user.

As for the jerky motion tracking, that would require a bit more effort. However the AI built in already follows the moving object, you can see that when it pans with the tagging turned on the box stays on the object it picked up. This is a very good thing because it means they have the necessary data as it always knows where the object is on screen (with the exception of false movement/object detection) . For some reason the algorithm they use doesn’t make any effort when it pans to keep that in the middle of the screen. As it pans, it should calculate the position of the tagged object on screen, you can then tell how quickly you are panning towards it and how much further to go. Use this data and calculate how much further it needs to pan in order to make that box it’s already drawing appear in the center. After it’s successfully panned and center an object it should only execute further panning if that object (tagged) leaves the middle of the screen (with padding around it as you don’t want to have it continuously force the object to the center as it’s unnecessary… otherwise you’ll likely end up with even more jerky results) .

Last of all, it pans too quickly. If they don’t have the time to implement the above then just slow down the rotation speed. Because it’s constantly overshooting, and overshooting again when it sees another movement, it makes the video more difficult to see. If it’s not tracking the object intelligently the best thing they could do is slow down the pan speed to provide smoother video during panning events.

Now, I’m an outsider so it could be more complex than what I imagine (always easier said than done, right?) but if they’ve developed what’s there today then I don’t personally think it would be overly challenging for them to do any of these things.

I am harsh in my comments because the product has great potential, if I didn’t think so I wouldn’t waste my time commenting and I’d toss it in the trash. The software (app) is top notch and I have zero complaints about my sense kit and regular wyze cam v2, they just need to build on the software and improve what’s there. Who knows though, maybe they are testing these fixes in beta already and will be released next week!

I agree the wyze lineup provides great value. I am looking forward to seeing a doorbell from wyze, as long as it’s polished and has a great UX.