Excessive PAN movement after motion detection

I know this was already posted as “Motion Tracking over shoot its panning” but I already spent 20 minutes finding, saving and exporting a video of the problem so it’s getting it’s own post.

The motion detection always moves too much, and many times moves the subject out of view. It first happens in the attached video 17:04:20, and the subject goes completely out of view. After several seconds, it moves to the default pan location (skipping the subject) and then overshoots the subject again at 17:05:05.



We refer to these problems as “overshooting” and giving us the “cold shoulder” (when it completely circles around and faces backward for no reason until it times out back to the home position).

We are desperately waiting for a firmware fix to address these two fundamental problems, hopefully sooner than later.

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Waiting for a firmware fix really depends on Wyze even admitting that there is an issue. They haven’t responded to anyone about it yet. I don’t get how they couldn’t have known about this issue prior to release, when “EVERYONE” is experiencing it.

You should send Wyze that video, because they claim they can’t duplicate the issue.

Are you serious??? I’ll contact them now.

Just received two pan cams today… almost instantly reproduced the “overshoot” that is mentioned.

What is the status of a resolution or option for adjustment?

I contacted support and they claimed they have not heard of this problem. Nor could they recreate it. They were going to get back to me, which they never did

Honestly, I’ve lost all hope in Wyzecam. Right around when the PAN came out, they stopped releasing software updates. Support never addresses any issues on the forums. And the one software update that just came out has made my PAN even worse. Which, I didn’t think was possible.

Starting to have buyer’s remorse after reading this thread.

My first purchase was the v2 – had to RMA it, but everything has been pretty smooth.

I found the “overshoot” problem with the Pan in the first few hours… I have my suspicion as to what is causing it. I’d like to see a maximum range of motion feature, because I don’t need a full 360 spin… that’d likely solve my problem, not sure about anyone else’s though.

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What a joke… first day I got my cam I noticed this was an issue.

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I’ve had the same problem since day one. Very frustrating that Wyze says they can’t reproduce it. For the past while, I’ve just been using it like a V2 (stationary).

Being able to set the medium rotation range would at least be a temporary fix.

They can’t reproduce it? I can’t NOT reproduce it.

At the start, I thought it was the fact that the motion was too close to the camera moving from side-to-side, across the field of vision too quickly, but this wasn’t it. I then thought it was because there was a reflective object off the side that was “confusing” the motion detection… this wasn’t it either.

This product is just not ready for a full-scale release. I’m not sure if it is worth $10 more than the v2 at this time… partial refunds is probably too big of an ask, but I feel like Wyze should be giving credits for the difference to be used for future purchases.

Currently, I’m using the Pan “like” a V2… and am trying to justify the extra $10 per camera because the night vision and audio seem slightly improved… and I can remotely pan the camera, though I still miss the smaller form factor of the v2.

Brand new camera I JUST set up and noticing the excessive pan overshoot immediately ! How can they not notice?


It’s not surprising they claim to have never heard of this problem and how convenient that they can’t recreate it. And yes, it’s no surprise they don’t get back to us about it.

I had a lot of hope for this company, that they would change the industry but they’re just like all the rest.


Or any moderator, for that matter, curious if anyone from Wyze is going to chime into this thread? This is an issue Out Of The Box. I’ve reset the device a dozen times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, all firmware is updated. Do I need to return this within my window of returns if y’all haven’t even given anyone here an inkling of hope from Wyze on this obvious issue??

Are the cameras having this issue also listening for sound detection and mounted near a wall? It seems to me, if the camera has its back to a wall, once it detects motion it moves towards the target, then homes in the echo from panning motor which results in it focusing on the wall. The Pans I have out in the open with no echo potential, dont experience this.

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Experiencing the same panning issue. I also had a mirror near my camera and thought it was that that was causing the issue. But after moving it, it looks like it still has this issue.

I guess they don’t care about their Amazon reviews that I’m about to write!

Have users experiencing this problem tried turning the sound detection off? This was my problem with a Pan that was mounted near a wall. These cams are an awesome piece of hardware for less than $40. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we’ve spent next to nothing on these and should tailor our expectations as such. I was able to replace all my CCTV cameras with Wyze cams, for less than one CCTV camera cost, with a couple additional Wyze cams purchased as backups.

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what happened after 14 days ? what i need to do ? buy a memory card or can i buy a subscription for the cloud ?

am a new user with the cameras and im feel so happy but i have that question about the cloud days



I’ve had this problem with over panning since day one. I have tons of video of the wall the camera is attached to. I’ve tried many combinations of settings to remedy this to no avail.

This happens much to me on multiple cameras (I just purchased 4 Cam pans) . At times the camera will pan all the way around to the stop point missing pretty much all of the motion. Very frustrating. I have a video clip of it.

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