Smooth Out Motion Tracking on Pan

Smooth out motion tracking on the Pan so it isn’t as jerky, possibly make it to where it doesn’t try as hard to keep everything centered, as this results in a lot of back and forth motion.

Also, add in limits so it doesn’t end up looking at walls because of the motion tracking and IR lights seeming like motion at night.


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This isn’t something to add as a wishlist. This is an advertised function that operates horribly. The camera flips back and forth constantly, making the motion tracking quite literally useless. And honestly, it not only doesn’t work right, but it detriments the functionality of the camera, since all it captures are blurs.

This is not a wishlist item, this is something you advertised as being available, and it is not. That is misleading advertisement. Fix it, I already returned 7 motion tracking wyze cameras, I will continue to buy and return them until it is fixed.


We are looking into improving the motion tracking though that is a difficult fix and we apologize for the trouble. I agree that this is not a Wishlist item.

For the direction limits, that would be an added feature that was never advertised and is appropriate for the Wishlist.

We apologize for the poor experience that you have had with your Wyze Cam Pans and I will share your feedback with the team.

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Honestly, the direction limit request was just a way to deal with the poor motion tracking, the decision of the camera to stare at walls, etc.

I understand and will communicate that with the team.

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The motion tracking sure seems to look perfect on the product page following that puppy around. Funny how Wyze was able to get it to work perfectly for their advertisement, but not the actual product? One might think Wyze may be using a bit of false advertising considering their actual product functions nothing like the STILL ADVERTISED product on their website.


I just got my new Cam Pan device (August 9, 2020), I liked the montion tracking advertised. But I’m seeing that the tracking problem has more than a year beeing fixed, and still not working. When should the problem be fixed, or the motion limits implemented? Thank you!

Sorry for my delay! I know that we’ve been working with our manufacturer to smooth out the tracking but it’s a tricky algorithm to sort out. Because of this, I don’t have an estimated date for when that will be resolved. I’ll poke the team about motion limits. :slight_smile: