Pan suggestions about motion tracking

For the pan:

  1. (Motion tracking with motion detection zone ) Ability to control how long the camera remains in its position after detecting motion before going back to home. Often it will follow the motion source, but the motion will stop for a few seconds and continue, but by then the camera has already returned home and cannot see the object anymore.

  2. Ability to control the amount of travel that the pan uses when detecting motion- that is if it sees motion moving left on the screen it usually jumps way further left than needed and bounces back and forth. - in the same idea, the ability to control how ‘hard’ the camera tries to center the motion, often the motion will move around the viewing area but moving the camera is not necessary- but the camera tries to center the motion so much that it is constantly moving.

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The first one I agree with. Possibly done with a small cool off period of like 30 seconds to a minute or even 15 seconds. This would be nice. Even with the case that my pans are static right now but there so that I can look around the room if need be.

The second one I dont know so much. Because I like the idea that the camera focuses on the motion in the center so that the object is always being followed. Yes it does make the camera move more. But I believe thats what makes the camera awesome. It tracks the motion automatically. Its never going to be smooth tracking I dont think because you would need a human to do that kind of work. Of course these being IP cameras and not linked to a hot desk where you can control them there will always be a slight delay in the speed and the command. I dont know how fixable this would be to have a smooth camera movement to keep the object in view. Plus the camera itself uses the lighting changes to tell the motion. So it has to stop for a second or two and wait to register more motion.

I have this problem. Here is an example of it going back and forth trying to keep something that is slightly off-center in center. They need to smooth out the motion tracking and make it not try as hard to keep it centered.

Also, here is an example of it catching motion at night, then ending up looking at a wall because of the IR lights bugging out.


I have my camera set up with 3 pan scan way points and using motion detection at the same time. Problem is when motion is detected the pan action still occurs on schedule. If the motion event is in zone 1 I lose sight of it when the camera pans to zone 2.

I’d love to see some type of intelligent pan/motion detection during motion events. Even momentarily stopping the pan scan during motion events (toggle option?) would be very helpful.

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Tracking subject feature causes camera to turn super fast, too far… Instead of estimating how far it needs to turn to keep subject near center of frame… And then only move if they are on outermost 20% of frame. Too much moving (and fast moving) causes the video to be worthless. In fact, it should move more slowly so even footage in motion is still useful.

Maybe a pro version of the camera could have 360 IR sensors so camera knows when to do a 180 to get subject in view (otherwise subject wouldn’t have been noticed as not currently in frame as motion).

Lastly It needs to play nicer with Pan Scan. If motion is captured during a Pan Scan, it should go into Motion Tracking mode… and once motion is gone, back to pan scan. (another situation where 360 IR sensors would be amazing)


I agree that the constant re-centering is annoying. I’m thinking that there should be a centering “zone” that triggers the camera tracking and re-centering when the movement goes out of the zone. That zone could be almost the entire view.

The jerking around issue seems like it could be solved with the software determining a concentration of movement that is in view, and then activating the motor with a ramp up and ramp down, so that the motion tracking is a little more smooth.

What if the detection zone was inverted in a way where instead of the camera instantly moving to look at objects inside the zone, it only triggers for objects outside a certain area? It looks like the camera tries to constantly center a moving object and then overcorrects itself, if instead it only tried to center on objects around the edge of its line of sight, it might help cut down on the jerky motion and constant adjustments. Edit: just realized someone else already suggested this above.

Can we get better motion tracking? RN its way to jittery and making too many micro adjustments. Maybe user controlled sensitivity?



New Feature Request - Motion Tracking Adjustment

The motion tracking feature in the Pan cam is a great feature, but the only problem is that it excessively tracks the source of the movement and causes the camera to excessively pan to the source of the motion. This excessive panning causes blurred video every time the camera pans. A motion tracking adjustment feature would function like this: The camera would move to initially pan to the source of the movement, centering it in the field of view. Then it would only pan again to recenter the source of movement when the object moving was about to move out of frame and no longer be viewable. This would eliminate all the blurred video that the Pan Cam currently with excessive motion tracking. This motion tracking adjustment feature would give the user the ability to adjust the percentage or amount of movement away from the initial trigger source before it would pan again and re-center the next motion captured.

I love the motion tracking feature on the Pan Cam. It works really well during the day.

However, at night, it’ll sometimes work and others not. It’s often followed me taking out the trash on the side of the house, but then doesn’t follow me back to the front door.

So it leaves the camera pointed off in some obscure direction, completely away from my driveway and front door where it will be most useful.

I would love to be able to schedule motion tracking. Turn on during the day, and off at night.

Thank you!