Limiting the panning range?

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is is there a way to limit the range of movement that the Pan can go to? Sometimes it tries to track motion and ends up staring directly at a wall and then can’t find its way back to facing “front”.




I don’t use motion tracking on my one Pan Cam, but I’m thinking you could set up Pan Scan with a single waypoint so it would always return to that one point.

I’ve done that (setting a single way point so it always resets) but what ends up happening is that I get:

waypoint —> cold shoulder —> waypoint —> cold shoulder …


it it always tries to track and ends up looking at a wall when it “anticipates” too far. Kinda defeats the purpose of the pan and motion tracking function.


Limiting the range of motion would at least minimize cold shoulder issues.


Where do we edit the “direction limits” for the Cam Pan? I’m new and don’t seem to be able to find that feature.


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Currently you can not edit the “direction limits” for the Cam Pan. Here is another link on the subject. Direction/Motion Limits For Wyze Cam Pan Tracking

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This is a must have improvement to add. Waypoints is like an over engineered feature considering motion tracking is the main feature people use. I have a pan cam in the corner and it’s constantly getting stuck against the wall. If I could just limit panning to a 90 degree range, then it wouldn’t take itself out of the motion capturing range. Way points would just over index on wall views and doesn’t really make any sense to use. PLEASE add motion limits to keep the camera between existing waypoints only!


Please add this feature - keep it simple.
Ability to specify an angle range limit for vertical pan
Ability to specify an angle range limit for horizontal pan


Is there an update for this issue? My cam pan in my garage is fastened on the front wall facing the doors. It rotates facing the wall and stays there. I could move it to the ceiling upside down and pan around the entire garage but my main focus is activity in and out of the three overhead doors.

Welcome to the forums! Do you have a waypoint set up? I’d set only one up to be aimed at what you want your “home” to be. After inactivity, it will return to the main waypoint.