Pan Cam losing steps as it pans

I have it set to pan through 3 way points that keep it from going edge to edge on the rotation limit. I also have motion tracking on so if it sees motion, stop panning and follow. Works great. I noticed after 12 hours or so of use, the pan way points are wrong. Once it is restarted and I assume the stepper motor homes the max/min position, the way points are as recorded. I am going to run it panning only for a while as see if it is the tracking moving the cam fast and often to the max rotation limit. Any way to set a soft Max/Min rotation limit. ie. it is mounted on a wall, no reason to look behind. I noticed it is picking up reflection in our door window at night and tracking it. This is near the rotation limit and is past the way point of the pan.

nice cam BTW.


I am experiencing similar issue where it loses its way point or detection zone when motion tracking is enabled. I disabled the motion tracking. I didn’t find motion tracking useful anyways as it drastically overshoots constantly preventing me from getting a good look at the image.