Cam Pan V3

Just got my Cam Pan V3 all setup and am trying to create waypoints on the exterior of my house, 3 different waypoints. My understanding was upon setting these waypoints is that the camera would rotate between these 3 points searching for motion to record. Is my understanding correct? But, the camera does not move at all once I’m out of the Pan Cam settings. If I click “preview” in the Cam Pan settings every 10 seconds it would rotate my waypoints just as I thought it should. Exiting the Wyze app only results in the Cam staying on its last waypoint I had it on before exiting. Is this intended? Or a bug? Little confused as I purchased this thinking it would rotate on its own and scan the 3 waypoints I setup.

Under the live view picture is a menu. Scroll to the right on that, and you will find “Pan Scan”. Select that, and exit the app. Does it keep scanning?


Oh wow thank you! That did the trick. Crazy I didn’t even realize you could scroll to the right for more options there. Dang been using these cams for years now and never knew. Thank you +rep!


No problem; that’s a new way to do that menu. It used to be the “More…” menu. :slight_smile: