The Wyze Cam Pan v3 does not pan

The camera is set up on the network. The Pan does not work in the no waypoint point or set waypoints.

Welcome to the community Forum @repaske , sorry to hear you are having a problem. I am a community Volunteer and would like to gather some additional information.

  • What Wyze App Version are you using
  • What is the Firmware of the Wyze Cam Pan V3
  • Can you Pan the Camera via the controls on the screen

Note, In case you were not aware:

The following images provides Red and Green Arrows:

Green Arrow Points to the bar and you can scroll the bar right and left. When you scroll left, you will see 2 additional options, the red arrows point to Pan Scan to do auto scanning from according to the Way Points. The Track Motion will follow motion as it sees it.


AHA! That did the trick! Phew! Thanks so much


My Pleasure - glad it worked out…