Custom Pan Cam Endpoints for Panning

I have five Pan Cams positioned around the property, all loaded with Samsung Pro Endurance 128G MicroSD cards, and I’d really like to know if there’s a way to set custom endpoints for the panning degrees for each camera. The panning speed has been turned all the way down to the lowest position, yet with motion tracking on, I’m finding that these cameras are spending a lot of time staring at the walls they’re attached to, chasing their own shadows… I have custom waypoints set for most of them, which helps to correct the issue when panning starts again, but the ability to set custom “You’ve reached the end” points would completely solve this issue for all these cameras. I’m arbitrarily assuming that this would be an inexpensive adjustment within the operating system, paying for itself through happy referrals :hugs:

Welcome to the community, @tito4985. I found this with a search on the #wishlist category. :slight_smile:

#wishlist pan

I’ve never posted in a discussion forum like this, but I did try a search before asking.
This will be a good update for sure!
Thanks for responding :hugs:


Glad that helped. This forum software is a bit different from many other sites. I would recommend looking at the #roadmap category as well. It has many things that have either launched, or are in development. :slight_smile: