Problem with Cam Pan V3 night mode with IR on

At first I thought the camera was broken so I put a different one in the same place and got the same result. I also have a Cam Pan V2 that never had this problem.

Basically, the way the room is laid out is a split level, the upper level is 4 feet higher than the lower level with a glass safety railing on the stairs and on the higher level. The camera is placed inside the room, high up in a window ledge and facing the glass safety railing. Seems that even though the camera is about 18 feet away from the glass, the IR blinds the camera.

I know if you have the camera facing through a window the IRs will blind it but 18 feet away from the glass??

The only way I can see this room at night with this cam is to turn off the IRs and place another camera on the opposite side of the room with its IRs on. Then I get a normal view.

Is this normal for the Cam Pan V3? I never had this problem with other Wyze cams. I’m assuming it’s normal since the two I’ve tried both do this.

Seems like the Pan V3 has quite a few shortcomings. Like I mentioned elsewhere, the motion detection at a distance of more than 17 feet is almost nonexistent. So far I’ve been disappointed with motion detection and night vision. Wondering what else I’ll run into.

I get that it’s a $29 camera but still…

That said, I think they nailed it with the privacy feature where the lens points itself down so you can be sure no one is watching you. I have replaced all my indoor cams with Pan V3s because of this feature alone. I will not be replacing my outdoor cams though. For those I have regular V3s and a V3 Pro which work great for outside.

It’s normal for any cam that emits IR. You are pointing the cam and it’s IR at a surfaces that reflect the IR back into the lens washing out the image:

Interesting. So you’re saying it’s not the glass on the other side of the room but the inside of the window frame that’s causing this? I wonder why this didn’t happen with my Pan V2.

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It’s definitely the frame. That’s why it shows up as blazing white with an overall washout. Your v2’s position (view position) must have been slightly different even if mounted in the exact same spot. Not only are the cams a different physical size, the IR LEDs are located differently around the lens.

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Good to know. I’ll have to experiment and see if I can position it with the frame completely out of view.

Now if only they would fix the motion detection at distances over 17 feet…

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Motion detection or AI detection? I’m getting motion detection and tagging out to 30’-40’ with Motion Detection Sensitivity set to 75 on my CPv3 cams during daytime. Correct AI detection… maybe half that distance.

Any motion. The room is 25 feet across with the camera on one end and the front door on the other. Sometimes it will trigger a motion detection if it’s a person, and very occasionally will identify it as a person out to around 20 feet, but it does not detect motion from my 20 pound dogs at all beyond approx 17 feet and does not accurately identify them as a pet beyond about 14 or 15 feet. And that’s with sensitivity set to 100.

The regular Cam V2 I had in the same spot would see them across the entire room at about 28 - 30 feet from the camera. (28 - 30ft measured using the length of the room + the height of the camera, so actual distance between the camera lens and the object)

I think the Cam Pan V3 has more of a fisheye lens and objects at those distances look smaller than they did on the Cam V2.

On the other hand, the regular Cam V3s I have outside and the V3Pro I have inside but facing out through a window will detect pretty much anything that moves out to 40 feet and even beyond, day or night. They are great for seeing what our neighborhood coyotes, racoons, rabbits, opossums, and potential creepers (we’ve had a few break-ins recently) are up to at night.

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