Cam pan night vision through glasd

I have a cam pan that is indoors & looks onto my driveway through a window. During the day the visuals are crisp clear but at night i dont see anything. Its just pitch black. Night vision is turned on & IR lights are turned off. This exact setting works great for indoor night vision. But when i turn the cam to face outdoor through glass its pitch black. If i turn IR light on i see a reflection of the camera in the glass but nothing beyond it. Any suggestions?

Get a V3 or get the camera outside.

OK, a longer answer…
Here is a comparison. There are two cameras - a V2 and a V3 sitting side by side looking out a window. Both are locked in daytime mode, and are pressed up against the double pane glass. I’m sure you can tell which one is the V3. The Pan is very similar to the V2 except you can’t press the lens up against the glass, so you will far more likely get glare. Putting the camera in night mode does not do much because the IR does not get through the glass very well.

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